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What is chim?

Chim helps you make little shims to run platform-dependent binaries that can optionally be fetched from a remote location.

Use-case: shellcheck

Let's use an example: imagine you've got a project and you want to add shellcheck to lint some bash scripts. Maybe it's being called in a git pre-commit hook, perhaps it's called from a make lint task, or maybe it's in a package.json script. In any case, the other people on your team now need to install yet another tool. How best could they get it?

Possible Solutions

One solution would be to add shellcheck install instructions to the README. However now contributors have an extra step when they test their code locally. This also won't do anything to keep the version of shellcheck consistent across everyone's machine.

You could have a Docker image that all development is done in that automatically installs shellcheck, but this is restrictive. Some devs may not want to work inside a container—I know I don't.

You could commit the shellcheck binary to the repo and have people execute it directly—potentially via git- lfs to keep the repo size under control. The trouble is shellcheck binaries are platform-dependent and won't work on different architectures.

You could add shellcheck binaries for all the possible platforms and write some bash script that figures out which os/architecture it's on and executes the binary—this is essentially what chim does.

Example of using chim

Assuming chim is installed, simply create a chim:

#!/usr/bin/env chim
url = ''
path = 'shellcheck-v0.8.0/shellcheck'
checksum = 'e065d4afb2620cc8c1d420a9b3e6243c84ff1a693c1ff0e38f279c8f31e86634'

url = ''
path = 'shellcheck-v0.8.0/shellcheck'
checksum = 'ab6ee1b178f014d1b86d1e24da20d1139656c8b0ed34d2867fbb834dad02bf0a'

url = ''
path = 'shellcheck-v0.8.0/shellcheck.exe'
checksum = '2a616cbb5b15aec8238f22c0d62dede1b6d155798adc45ff4d0206395a8a5833'

Then execute it:

$ chmod +x bin/shellcheck
$ ./bin/shellcheck --version
ShellCheck - shell script analysis tool
version: 0.8.0
license: GNU General Public License, version 3

Now you can commit this tiny file to your project and whether people are on macOS or Linux they'll be able to use shellcheck! It will automatically fetch the tarball into a cache directory if it doesn't already have it.

tip is a great way to add ./bin to $PATH automatically

Why is this helpful?

Chims don't require consumers to run a separate installation step to install the tools or update them they're upgraded. The files are tiny and can work on all platforms.

If your team has many projects, as long as the fetchers are defined in the same way, it will reuse cache across projects. For example, if chim is used to fetch node-v18.1.2 in many projects it will only fetch it once and store it in system-level cache.

As a more advanced use-case, if you run a platform where many apps have different dependencies, chim is helpful since it will only fetch each dependency when it is called and cache it for later calls even if they come from a different application on the same machine. For container-based platforms, all you need to do is provide a volume to the container to store the cache in—otherwise the cache would die inside the container. It simplifies setup (no install step) while also being efficient (only fetch what we need, when we need it, and share it via cache).