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S3 Fetcher

Download binaries with AWS S3. This depends on the AWS CLI.


#!/usr/bin/env chim

url = 's3://'
path = 'bin/node'
checksum = 'sha256:ea24b35067bd0dc40ea8fda1087acc87672cbcbba881f7477dbd432e3c03343d'
aws_access_key_id = 'AKIAIOSFODNN7EXAMPLE'
# aws_secret_access_key = configured via $AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY

url = 's3://'
path = 'bin/node'
checksum = 'sha256:8bc6a1b9deaed2586d726fc62d4bee9c1bfc5a30b96c1c4cff7edd15225a11a2'
aws_profile = 'chim'


Settings available in chim file:

  • aws_profile - Use this profile from local ~/.aws/config. Replaces the next 3 settings.
  • aws_access_key_id (required) - AWS/Minio access key.
  • aws_access_key_secret (required) - AWS/Minio access key secret.
  • aws_access_token - AWS access token if this is being used.
  • aws_region (defaults to us-east-1) - Region identifier to use.

Environment Variables

Configuration can also be specified with environment variables. Environment variables are secondary to toml config in a chim.